A Call for Action

Upon occasion we find opportunities that are particularly attractive. At such moments, we notify clients so they can partake to the greatest extent feasible.

H1 2022 Update

While the market declined more than 20% during the first half of 2022, BlackBird outperformed by nearly 15%. This is a reflection of the conservative approach inherent in our DNA.

Tax Season at BlackBird

As we know, taxes play a meaningful role in the success of an investment program. In this letter, we discuss this topic in greater detail and provide some insight into our tax mitigation strategies (or lack thereof).

The Ideal Company

Before we can find great investments, we must understand what makes a wonderful business wonderful.

CoronaVirus at BlackBird

At the start of one of the greatest crises our country has ever faced, markets were plummeting with no end in sight. The panic was palpable on Wall Street and across the business community in the United States. Under those circumstances, BlackBird found several fantastic investment opportunities, and in this letter we urged our Limited Partners to invest any excess capital they had available.