About BlackBird Financial LP

BlackBird was launched with the goal of generating world-class investment returns over the long-term. Today we serve high net worth families from the United States and Canada.
“Investing is most intelligent when it’s most businesslike.” — Benjamin Graham As Graham instructed, we make our investments in public equities with a business owner’s mindset. We seek to own companies that:

1. Have a business model we can understand.

2. Have a competitive advantage.

3. Have a star management team.

4. Are conservatively financed.

5. Are available at an attractive price.

Such opportunities do not present themselves often, and therefore we may make fewer than one new investment per year. Ultimately, we are investors, not speculators. BlackBird does not predict market movements or hold a view on macroeconomic factors. We merely aim to invest in a small group of businesses where the value far exceeds the price.

Alignment of Interests

Judah Spinner, CFA, our Founder and Chief Investment Officer, has more than 90% of his net-worth invested in BlackBird. This ensures alignment of interest between him, as the one ultimately responsible for our long-term performance, and our clients, who have entrusted us with their hard-earned capital.